Wednesday, November 9, 2016

BEYOND The TIME Vibe: November 2016 (11)- 11/9-11/19- Time-Cycle PHASE TWO- The FLASH of Hearts and Minds TOGETHER!

BEYOND The TIME Vibe: November 2016 (11); 
11/9-11/19 Time-Cycle Frequency 
Productive-PHASE TWO: 
The FLASH of Hearts and Minds TOGETHER!

The Frequency activity is way off the "Normal" 3D charts....
Synchronicity and Salvation are in experiential Flow when [11] and [9] are available together.
You, Now, can observe the Walls of Jerico tumbling down and still, you stand in your own Presence with greater and greater ease of choice regarding Who, exactly, is in charge of YOUR Time experience.
All events around personal orbits have become rather effortless lately. AND, the Time reality is moving around like MAD! Yes, moving into a whole new Frequency alignment. 
THIS 11/9/2016 day frequency cycle is the beginning of the PRODUCTIVE phase of this month's frequency cycle, and a harbinger of the kind of CHANGES the YOU are designing for yourSelf as .

THANK YOU for Your FOCUS AND PARTICIPATION in this Time Game of Love in Balance WITH Me...

And, as the Collective game of [CHOOSE who your Sovereign "Author-ity" is ] in the story of YOUR life that is about to make a directional distinction, very quickly in the next 9-year Epicicy.  ...
did i mention- quickly?
WE are CLOSING UP the garbage bags on this last big chunks and sweeps of the re-vealings and Releases, and preparing to bring a tedious, burdensome load of emotional reactions to the curb that went along automatically with them,
literally; Personally and Globally.  
LET THE STOOPID HUMAN TRICKS of denial and shallow Vision; "pay" attention to all that you participate with and contribute to.

You'll Observe that All movement of DATA will be plentiful and FAST flowing into Your Presence, and across the Mass Collective awareness after YOU make an Emotional decision about your own BELIEFS of the current story playing out in the Mirror of your Collective Time engagements. 

Remember that EVERYONE is operating in the [Collective Game of Time] in Congruence with Unified Collective experience objectives and intentions of WORKING TOGETHER for the sake of a Unified and INclusive foundation in Balance.

With the Grace of very HIGH frequencies (11) Global Month cycle to SEE more clearly about HOW to go about shaking out the rugs and sweeping up the floors.  
The IGNITION will be evident in this monthly cycle PHASE of 11/9-11/19/2016.  
The final bits of mop-up work and re-Founding of social "norms" , per Collective Intention scheduled around mid-2017 thru 2020's.

The Joy is in the Journey, so if that date agitates you, impatience will continue to cycles of frustration and stagnation.
This is NOT the Time to be disgruntled, or, petty.
Let it GO.

REFERENCE: Christie Sheldon, on releases and clearings; Dr. Joe Dispenza on Neruo-science of THINKING AND EMOTION; Abraham- Hicks on FOCUSED Practice & Creating, as I AM, WITH the Universal Laws, In Time.

This pretty much means HANG ON to Your Love and Presence, and All will float into New and Uplifting Alignment [SOON] as You ALLOW it.  
By the end of this decade in Time, which is mid-Epi-cycle (a PRODUCTIVE phase), the rocking and rollin of CHANGE in immediate terms will be evident to ALL, and acclimation more gentle than you thought would be.

REGARDING The Millennial Objective- (2), 2000-2999;

The Millennial Time cycles also indicate an upcoming upgrade of INTERSPECIES Communications.

(11:2) Frequency activity for November's (11:2), January's (11:2), and October 2017's (11:2), and, then, again for all of 2018 (11/2) is an AMAZING window of Insight, Illumination, HIGH-Frequency interchanges and connections that begins with more apparent regularity beginning in late June and July 2017 to continue on through 2018- and then, with much more Natural-ness for All through the 2020's.  
All of that will go pretty "quickly" in terms of Perception.  

AS THE WAY IN OUR CONSCIOUSNESS IN DELIBERATION increases, so will the availability of our Star-Dusted Families, as well as Other Ultra-Dimensional Aspects of Self.

I, like many reflections in the Mirror, are baby-stepping out of the rubble falling all around our feet, lately!  
Successful sloughing of the out-lived, out-grown in Each of our Fractal Presence Perspectives, has dumped a BUNCH of IDEAS and things about ourSellves that are quite annoying out into the open for Us to FORGIVE.

As a Time Participant, i have noticed that -
This takes alot of ALONE Time, and quiet sorting of the parts and particles swirling around for release. The Timing cycle indicates this continues until the end of 2017, and through the end of the decade to successfully complete a basis for the New Time Presence to acclimate into the 2020 Collective Objective Frequency.
Those whom you Trust to reflect with you and your process fairly and squarely will present themselves into your Time Game. These Reflections bring information about YOU for re-consideration and re-Alignment with the You that Awakening and beginnng to excerciese some of your 
cool Avatar skill-pack.
Soon, We'll be running, and then, soon after- FLYING.

There is an ongoing and Great work in the Illuminations of OTHER Perspectives and Options before Now FOCUS and Expansion.
And, WE, Now, as Ever- HOLD THAT HAPPY THOUGHT of Collective Harmony in Balance for All- somehow.
I don't have to figure it all out at this red-hot minute...
I CAN, in my immediate NOW, choose to BE the Love, IMAGINE PEACE, and Participate as Directed by HEART in Balance.

But the CHOICE to Evolve and introduce Your Self to a Temporally EXPANDED, or, Galactic Reality is Highly active NOW and through November of 2018 in FULL ACTIVITY.
There is a bifurcation of the collective Conscious at a Moment of Perfect Alignment will drive the chosen New Time reality classroom preferences and protocols into Play.
BOTH sides of magnetism are required to Exists in a Time/Space Sensorial reality platform of Experience.  

It's TIME to get over your anxieties about Physicality, and Experiential CONSTRUCTS, already. 
Each Time-Game Participant is learning to LOVE AND RELEASE judgments about what Life- their life- means to them.
And nobody's INSANITY is more superior to anyone elses.
And ALL Being with engagements in the Magnetic Time Game have an agenda and Mastery objectives.
So, IF you dont like what you are seeing in front of your Time eyes- CHANGE YOUR MIND, instead of insisting on breaking the Mirror because you cant stand it anymore.

So, Just RELAX! If you choose to catch the Peace Train, with (2) PATIENCE is REQUIRED in order to keep negotiations going and develop the networking CO-mmunity in CO-Creating the New Time IDEALS that is the WIND in the re-directing sails of the ship. 

Just ask ANY Observer of Neuro-activity and Creative experience, in Time.

So, HOLD THAT HAPPY THOUGHT, and watch how miraculously Every Thing works out in Perfection for ALL in that very direction- FOR YOU.
There is a reminder in the Inspiring IMAGERY that will flow INTO Your own Imagination, that [IT] doesn't always look like what you thought it looks like.
Opportunities to SHIFT habitual frequency RESPONSE with deliberation, while CONSCIOUS of your full participation in any given interaction or event that is happening within your OWN reality experience, is afforded ALL, in each Now.

With the Gifts of the wave cycles of (11) Perception Expansion, the opportunities to proceed - OUT IN THE OPEN- and, with more ease are available to those who are willing to SEEK the Truth and then Live by the Truth of the Universal Laws, in Time.
Fighting AGAINST them has been proven to be a bit silly, in our historical Collective hindsight.
Make sure that you give your Self permission to "take your Time" if you feel that you don't have enough data for some choices floating before you.
You're SO right about that.  
There is a HUGE wave of Data about to roll out for the All to consider as a COLLECTIVE, not as a separate "country". 
The flow of DATA tcome beginning, beginning THIS month, will be flowing for All of the Global cycle of 2017 to consider in their own choices for participation... but, more on that soon.

So, Let [it] BE, until INspiration brings that particular consideration into focus again. Then CHOOSE with clear Presence and commitment. The Time for fartin' around in the lower dissolving frequency platforms is quite OVER for an increasing rise of Others.

I continue to Imagine All in Perfection, Now, as Ever.
MUCH Gratitude for Your FOCUS and Participation in this WITH Me!

I BE the Love.

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MANY THANKS & Much Gratitude for the supportive notes and inquiries from those Participating here, in the Time Game WITH Me!  
ROCK ON With Your Bad-ass, Multi-Dimensional Skills Mastering-SELF!  
You Inspire Me, and the SHIFTING here in my own World is ON.
Thanks for your kind patience and SHARING of the Now in Love and Balance.