Thursday, October 20, 2016

The 3-PHASES of Time Cycles

Each TIME cycle (in Earth Time) can be broken down into 3 PHASES.  
Each PHASE represents another level of accomplishment in the Expansion of I AM Presence, in each Time Participant.

The advantage of being aware of this underlying cycle of opportunity brings a long view of projects and issues on the table for the Time experience. 

This is valuable Insight to have when building a Co-Creative project, in terms of logical Timing for the unfoldment of the steps of the "project" or goal.   The success of all of our endeavors is dependent on Timing, in a Co-Creative platform of reality, directed by our FOCUS in the opportunities at hand.  

As Beings focusing within a Magnetic Reality, Ultimately the Morphogenic Field brings everything as quickly as we ALLOW them to manifest. 
A Personal worthiness factor is always involved in personal expansion processes.  Some topics are more sensitive than others for each Time adventurer.  

As a TOOL of Collective CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION, The Illusion of Time allows us the opportunity to tweak our preferences along the way IF we are focused into the Now more consistently.  There LOTS of science on this currently.  
But, IF you want to USE TIME TO YOU OWN ADVANTAGE, then picking up on the subtleties of the Natural Environment brings an entirely New perspective and set of tools to hone innate, Eternal, Multi-Dimensional skills as [I AM] Creator.

The first phase, as in the numbers 1,2,3- is a phase of initiation; 

The second phase, as in the numbers 4,5,6- is a phase of productivity; 

And, the third phase, as in the numbers 7,8,9- are for reconciliation, releases, and transition to the Next level of skill practice and experience (in Time).

So, you can break up any day, month, or year cycle into 3 segments, to gather another layer of data, and more details of your Self-chosen Practice opportunities of FOCUSED Absolute Presence.